kenny south park

i'm gonna knock you out

inspired by the ll cool j song i have embarked on writing a text which investigates the nature of individual's aggressive tendencies.

aggressive behavior (like knocking someone out) seems to easy and necessary. if someone gives you trouble you can always apply physical pain and damage until that someone decides to back off. however in reality this does not really work this way.

problem with this strategy is that it was copied from most simple forms of life like insects. it is not that insects are stupid as much as they are small so if you hurt them a bit it is a lot to them and they run away.

however people are almost same size and of same ability and are individually a bit smarter than insects. if you hurt someone that person will go away, wait a bit and then come back in an hour with a gun or even worst - that person can arrange that you get fired or rape your child or organize a negative online campaign about you.

however the worst problem is that people are not really that smart to go away and come back to fight with the person that hurt them in the first place. usually they will go away but will lack focus to go back. instead people will just hurt someone else, someone more accessible and preferably easier to hurt.

this actually is a good strategy for a hurt person: the individual did not need to invest energy in retaliation against a person who have dominated him already, but it is a dire move for the general community: aggressive behavior is just being spread like a virus and grows over time. there are two solutions to this problem:

first solution would be to immediately stop all chain aggression. with almost seven billion people in the world it would be very hard to coordinate this. it could be done in many ways including drugs, mass media… probably everything together. danger is that such project would also be perceived as a form of aggression and could just make things worst. a much bigger aggressive reaction could be initiated which could end the human kind. another element is that if we are to go with this strategy we should do it as soon as possible because the population constantly increases - the more we wait the more people we have to worry about.

second solution is much simpler: we would need to go back in time and find the first person that hurt another person and stop the chain reaction then and there.

we have one solution which is almost impossible to realize and has very risk, and another solution for which we do not have enough information nor technology to execute.

i am confident that somewhere in the world people are working on this and that maybe one day, maybe tomorrow or ten thousand years in the future it will be possible to stop the aggression chain reaction.